Water Stain Removal

“One of the best ways to remove mineral staining; lime and calcium build up from any glass surface. We use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.”

Water Stain Removal

Boulevard Services specialises in restoring all types of glass from showers to boats and pool balustrading and even doors and windows. Our process safely removes lime, calcium and silica deposit on glass restoring your glass and enhancing the value of your investment.

We are able to offer a wide range of services including:

  • Shower glass restored to original condition
  • Buses, boats, cars
  • Pool balustrading
  • Shop fronts
  • Anything Glass

Our product is non-toxic, non corrosive and has no phosphates, no acids, and no solvents, is non flammable and septic tank safe.

If it needs cleaning and cleaning well, call Boulevard Services on 06 843 5353.

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