Car Park & Yard Sweeping

We have a range of solutions for car park sweeping including mechanical road sweepers and walk around sweepers depending on the size of the job.

Car park sweeping helps to maintain commercial and retail properties so they remain attractive to customers.

The car park is often the first aspect of a business to leave an impression on a customer as they park their car and walk to the building. A clean car park makes a positive impression, reduces the risks of accidents and minimises the chances of dirt getting tracked into the building from the outside.

Our capabilities

We have skilled operators and the equipment and machinery to handle any sized sweeping job. Our service is usually delivered with a mechanical road sweeper, along with manual labourers to get into corners if necessary.

We can also sweep roads, footpaths, private car parks, yards and other outdoor areas to remove dirt and debris.

Our services include:

  • Car park sweeping
  • Yard sweeping
  • Major and minor road sweeping
  • Sweeping services for subdivisions and private car parks
  • Clearing surfaces under construction
  • Sweeping for footpaths, driveways and workshops

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Before / After

Before Before Car Park & Yard Sweeping
After After Car Park & Yard Sweeping