Hot and Cold Water Blasting

Commercial water blasting is the fast, efficient cleaning solution for really big jobs like roofs, buildings, schools, industrial machinery and rail carriages. We are certified to work at heights, so size is no problem. Water blasting is also an excellent solution for cleaning and restoring old, tired and dirty exterior surfaces.
Commercial water blasting is also an environmentally safe method for cleaning as it uses pressure rather than chemicals to clean surfaces. This makes it ideal for surface preparation for painters, moss and mould removal, and vigorous surface cleaning over large areas.

Our capabilities

We have both high and low pressure, and hot and cold water systems which enables us to provide a wide range of services from exterior paint preparation to gentle house washing. Hot water blasting is ideal for removing grease, dirt, black mould and chewing gum from concrete pavements, car parks, driveways, workshop and warehouse floors, and other surfaces.

Our services include:

  • Water blasting for commercial and industrial properties.
  • Cleaning buildings, plants and equipment.
  • Hot water cleaning for concrete.
  • Water blasting the exterior of homes for paint preparation.
  • Cleaning grease filters and traps.

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Before / After

Before Before Hot and Cold Water Blasting
After After Hot and Cold Water Blasting